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In November 2017 our Director, Magda Betlem, attended the SMSF Adviser Summit. The event attracted industry experts and professionals from the Superannuation world and it was an outstanding success.

Magda commented that the Summit was “A great event with relevant information on the new superannuation landscape.”  Of particular interest to Magda was the topic of Estate Planning and how this area is often neglected when one is planning for retirement or running a Superannuation Fund.

Magda has had many instances where a superannuation member does not understand that their superannuation assets – which, depending on age, may be the largest asset of that member – are not included in their Estate and therefore not paid to their loved ones in accordance with their Will.

Magda has witnessed many instances where members do understand this principle, but do not receive the proper advice to execute a death benefit nomination and thereby make an invalid and non-legally binding document that will not serve its purpose upon the member’s death.

Another remark made by Speakers at the Summit was that as the Superannuation sector has just been through the largest changes in the past 30 years, it would be prudent to review your Fund’s current documents and consider updating them so they are in line with new legislation and are not outdated.

If you are concerned that your death benefit nomination may be invalid, please contact our Superannuation Specialist, Magda Betlem, for your obligation free initial meeting. Please contact us on 9584 6600.